Months of the Year





13th-29th August 2021

Work List:
Months of the Year (2021)
Pigmented epoxy putty

Where the Footprints Begin (2021)
Coloured pencils and paper  

Whistling in the Dark Wind (2021)
A conversation between Azul De Monte and Philip Coyne

Screening Programme:
The Peasants of the Second Fortress (1971)
Shinsuke Ogawa

Mud Musk (2018)
Mathew Wayne Parkin

Untitled (Approaching Ruth Tuck's) (2019)
Holly Childs  

Exhibition visuals and font by Anouk Asselineau
Posters: I II

Made possible with support from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
and Fonds Kwadraat
Photo credit: Diego Diez